Welcome to the design room, the stop to dress your character. We have a selection of base canvas ready to be textured to fit your vision. 

A model can be built from the combination of different templates. 

The process is simple, browse the templates, take note of the ID of your selections, or download the picture if you want to draw on it; finally, send us an email with the description of characters and the template's ID and pictures attachments.  

Creating a character is a delicate process as you have to understand and share the client's vision. The email is the first step and will likely be followed by phone, chat, or video sessions until we reach the goal. 

To templates, we can add elements, and if what you need can't be built from the templates selection, we will create a new model.


Shirts templates

Skirts templates

Pants templates

Dresses templates

Coats templates

Shoes templates


Hats templates

Accessories and add-ons like pieces of jewelry, cape, bows, furs, and more, have no template as they are added to the model as we built it. Just mention them in your description.

Women Shirts Templates


Women Skirts Templates


Women Pants Templates


Women Dresses Templates


Women Coats Templates


Shoes Templates


Hats Templates


Men Shirts Templates


Men Skirts Templates


Men Pants Templates