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For this pack, you get the morphs, skins base of male and female, and  Skingen tools to modify their appearances. 

The "Not Humans Series" is about aliens, ghosts, and the supernatural. 

Since the dawn of time, we have been captivated by the unknown and the legends of not human beings. That it is about Space Aliens or nightcrawler, or more etheric creatures, our imagination goes wild. 

It was normal to create a section for the none human.  

The concept is to provide virtual producers with character customization assets. The idea is to create a rich library of looks and styles with flexible assets. 

On, that is our production platform; there will be storylines, production assets, ongoing group projects, and a list of interesting online resources supporting our characters' lines.


Who or what are The Reptilians? There are several stories, legends, and conspiration theories associated with the reptilians. 

Are they from Earth or Draco? What about this shape-shifting capability they are supposed to have?

Are they living in inner earth or among us?

The questions list is long, and we apologize to all Reptilians if we have missed-represented your kind for this new Reptilian Series. Maybe you can send us a picture? Jokes aside, we will add to this collection new looks based upon the public and members' suggestions.

female reptilian banner.jpg