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What is our definition of a virtual actor? 

We define as a virtual actor, a performer proposing an avatar-based upon his or her likeness, and using the performer's voice for the production of virtual content.

Virtual acting is not "voice-over." 

Virtual actors work from their location, not on a stage, must be equipped for dialogs recordings. For a higher pay rate may provide facial, body, hands motion captures, using domestic motion capture technologies.

Note: Virtual actors can also sell a version of their avatar as part of a avatars' collection without using voices or animation. 

A virtual actor owns his or her avatar and can decide to remove it from distribution at any given time for further projects. However, the virtual actor must respect the pre-existing deals. 

A virtual actor can modify the shape and look of the avatar as long that it is still respecting the likeness. As an example, you can ask for a younger or older look, apply special effects as long that it is in respect of fundamental face structure. 

What do we do for the virtual actor?


We build the avatar, set up and maintain a showcase section, create different characters' looks (with the actor's collaboration), and produce demo clips. 

We supervise the sale's process with the virtual producers, such as the styling of the character, dialog adjustments, animation if needed, and, most importantly, verify the legitimacy of the virtual producer.

Unions and Professional Organizations


We are now working with unions to ensure the best protection and representation of their members. This service will not be restricted to unions' members. However, union representation will be indicated in the virtual actor's section.

How does it work?


The system will be based on a yearly subscription fee.

For submission, you must be 18 and up. You must use recent pictures of face and profile and a voice sample. *We will have a detailed submission guide.

You may use a character name for your avatar but must provide your real full name and address at registration. 

Have a Paypal account for the payment on your booking or sales in the market place. 

Once the picture and voice sample recording quality has been approved, we will start creating your avatar and selecting with you the three characters' example looks. You then receive a text to record for the production of your screen-test video. 

You can download your characters and do as you wish with them, but we are not responsible for transactions made of our site.

The characters' showcase sections are updated every six months. Only then can you change your characters' looks. However, there is a link to your member profile section where you can post as many looks or clips that you want. 

You can purchase new looks, pictures, or video clips at all times.

It is a Sckript Agent that supervises the booking with virtual producers. Before proceeding, the agent verifies the virtual producer's background and secure the payment deposit.

The producer and actor only have to deal with the agent who works with the rest of Sckript's team to deliver the order. At delivery, the actor receives by PayPal transfer payment.

For actor avatars sold as part of a collection, the actor receives 15%; payment store sales are processed on the first of each month when the total is above 50 dollars US.

The tools of a virtual performer


Becoming a virtual actor is a process. First, get the proper voice recording tools. You can use your smart-phone what is essential is your surroundings and of course the microphone. Then, capturing facial expression is an asset, and for this, there are now affordable solutions. The last step is the motion capture. There are now multiple options to do motion capture at home. It is, however, the most expensive option for a virtual actor. At Sckript, we closely follow the evolution of what is available, and we will keep you informed.

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