Very soon, it will be almost impossible to make the difference between a virtual actor and a real-life one. For now, start with a variety of characters of different sex and ethnicity.
As technology advance, so will be the level of realism of the characters.

Regularly new characters will be added to the lineup. Characters will also get updates on their looks and skills.

Now I will do my best to create a diversity of characters; feel free to let me know your suggestions!

The lineup will be available on Reallusion Market place soon as I-Avatars and soon on this platform as FBX.

For the first lineup, I created a short video clip using voices.


I choose LOVO because, among artificial voice providers, they are the only ones who associate the actors behind the voice. I have no commercial association with LOVO, but I am a subscriber and love their service.

I also am a fervent supporter of actors; if an artificial voice is practical, there is no substitute for a live performance, but both can work together.


The concept is to explore the tools that will facilitate the work or virtual producers while keeping connected to the talents.

So I am working with actors and unions to contribute to the exploration of possible options for real-life actors' future in virtual productions. Actors shape characters impacting the production and story developments.

It is essential to understand that an actor is more than just an echo for somebody else idea; they are co-creator as they bring life to words and concepts.

I am working on developing a solution combining text to speech technology with a direct contribution of the actors behind the voice.
While text to speech can quickly cover part of base dialogs, specific emotions and intense parts would require the actor's participation.

If some would see the concept as taking away work from an actor, they have to understand that the actor would receive a commission on the text to speech based on their voice and get extra with on-demand recordings.

Keep in mind that most independent virtual producers don't have the budget for full life-recording. With this process, actors are not losing but gaining a market segment they would not have access to otherwise.

It also allows performers to create text to speech in several languages as the process makes it a possibility.

Investing in the evolution of virtual actors is a great way for talents to be part of a brand!

The concept of having evolving virtual actors allows actors and other talents to contributing by creating skills and looks that will enrich the character persona. 

For example, facial expressions can be quickly produced using mobile technologies and added to character skills.

Stay tuned as with Sckript; I am exploring concepts, products, and services.